You could go solar for $0 down and get an extra $250 in savings -- all because you're a fan of Mia Hamm!

Mia Hamm's Solar Story


Step 1: My Motivation

"It all began with my passion for soccer. I want future generations to enjoy the same fields, air, and natural environment that have meant so much to me as an athlete. When I realized going solar could reduce our electricity bill and help our children have a more sustainable future, I was convinced!"

Step 2: Taking Action

“My husband Nomar and I reached out to many companies to learn about solar. Yingli was fantastic: they explained it all, and introduced us to a high-quality Yingli Solar installer, Verengo Solar. After doing our research, we decided Yingli and Verengo offered the highest quality system and best long-term value."

Step 3: It's Quick and Easy

We were amazed by how quickly things progressed once we signed up to go solar. The installation went smoothly! Verengo did a fantastic job supporting us throughout the entire process."

Step 4: The Sunny Ending

"We’ve already seen a difference on our utility bills, and I'm proud of going solar every time I look at our roof. Our decision to go solar is more rewarding – both personally and financially – than I’d ever imagined it could be.

Follow Mia's Lead -- Go Solar Today!

Eligible homeowners across the nation can go solar for as little as $0 down, and homeowners in New York and California may qualify for an additional $250 in electricity savings.

Required fields

Yingli Solar is the world's largest solar panel manufacturer and a Proud Sponsor of U.S. Soccer, including the Men's, Women's, and Youth National Teams.